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Gold at the 2016 Transform Awards

We are absolutely delighted to report that we won the Gold at the 2016 Transform Awards in the MENA region, for Best Identity in the Industrial and Basic Materials sector, for our work with DuBox. The night took an unexpected twist at the culmination of the ceremony when we went on to be awarded the Best Overall Identity. It was an extremely proud moment for the team. We are all fiercely proud of the work we have produced, so to win this prestigious award, as voted for by respected industry leaders, is a very welcome recognition of our strength in the branding arena. 

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Latitude Shortlisted for Transform 2016 MENA Award

Latitude are thrilled to announce the shortlisting of their client Dubox for the best visual identity from the industrial and basic materials sector in the Transform Awards MENA 2016. 

Transform MENA is the only awards programme for the best brand work in the Middle East and North Africa. It provides an important platform to benchmark and showcase the fantastic work being done in the region. More than that, it allows organisations to tell their stories and discuss the positive transformative change with excellence across the whole brand development process rewarded.

Latitude Dubai MD, Antony Lawrence commented: “At a time when the number and calibre of client submissions is ever more impressive and the judging even more discerning, we are delighted to have been shortlisted for this award. Dubox is a pioneering organisation with an exciting brand vision, transforming not only the organization but the way we design, build and sustain our urban neighbourhoods."

The award winners will be announced at a ceremony to held at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah on May 18 2016.

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What’s that smell?

Have you ever been in a shop or a hotel where your nose has literally been seduced? Familiar, reassuring and warm floral tones in a hotel lobby… the bitter and sweet notes from the roasting of cacao in an artisan chocolatier… 

Visual and audio queues are often a given but scent tends to be an oversight.
Studies by neurologists and psychiatrists have equated scent to desire and its role in selection, decision-making, and purchase-power. Olfactory branding has become a growing specialism as it moves up on the agenda of deliverables.  
Its power shouldn’t be underestimated. 
But for me, it’s as much about an emotional trigger and connection that underlines its value. If you’ve ever read Patrick Süskind’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, you can appreciate the response – something quite visceral kicks in… a non-intellectual state of mind; a purity of instinct.
The ability to create something bespoke and unique is essential. Much like the creation of visual identity, a brand scent deserves the same attention – cultural context, focused and relevant output, working in combination with the other senses, never dominating it.
Sight, sound, scent, taste and touch. All play a part in a brand. It’s not about graphic design. It’s about an experience. 
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Wide awake at Sleep 2015

Latitude are delighted to share that we will be speaking at Sleep 2015, The Hotel Design Event on 24-25 November.

Our CEO Mark Jory will take the stage on 25th November to inspire the audience with his thoughts on Hotel branding - myth or magic. Hotel brands are proliferating at an unprecedented rate - but are they really bringing differentiation?

When it comes to the specialist knowledge of the international hospitality market, Mark is an acknowledged leader with over 20 years experience consulting with global brands such as Marriott International, Raffles and Four Seasons as well as independent brands such as AB Hotels in the UK and Patina Hotels & Resorts in Singapore.

Preceding the Sleep event, on the evening of 23rd November, Latitude are thrilled to be a silver sponsor of the European Hotel Design Awards 2015, which promises to be a fantastic evening celebrating the most innovative design in hotel brand experiences.

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Mummy, what does branding mean?

“Bimmer, VDoubleDoo, Onda, Benzie, Owdi, Cool Car…(Porsche)”
This is the sound of my son naming all the cars as they drove past us at the bus stop at the age of two.
Fast forward. He’s four and just started school.  Little did I know back then that this was just the beginning of his connection to the world of brands.
Studies have shown that the pre-school generation of today are becoming more and more attuned to the allure, power and grip of a brand.
Conversations in the playground are no longer the silly nonsense I remember. Instead its about the latest toy, the latest version of that toy, have you got all of the characters and so on. Children’s television, apart from on our beloved BBC channels of course, are literally an onslaught of advertising selling selling selling, and relentlessly bombarding our children to need and want and desire more stuff!  Why else would anyone want Minion Stompee Slippers and never wear them?
But then when we reminisce to our own childhoods – the allure of the Golden Arches of the M, the curly white letter forms of the Coca Cola logo, even my beloved Shelley’s bag which I would covet when I brought it to school… my partner recently confessed when he was 8, he saved all his holiday money to buy a Sergio Tacchini t-shirt(!?). (Were they ever fashionable?)
I’m too tired to walk. Let’s get an “Uber” (not taxi)
Can you “Add to basket”? (buy it)
I’ll pick something up from M and S (the supermarket)
With the overload of products in today’s media-rich world, brand names and experiences have become such a part of our own vernacular, surely it cannot help but rub off on the little people (they have bat like ears for unnecessary content after all.)
Working in branding, it feels contradictory to complain. I worry all this “stuff” is just brainwashing him, damaging him, stifling his imagination?
Or is it that we, as humans, are just inherently built to be attracted to something? And that will never change?
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The New Chief Customer Officer: We’re trying harder

In the ultra–connected world in which we live, customer experience has truly taken marketing center stage – the brand management team’s working week is now heading to the 168 hours in which we are living our weekly lives. 

With the increasingly connected lives of consumers, where they are constantly online, they expect brands to be too. Brands need to adapt to this change in consumer behavior recognizing that in-store, online, mobile and other channels, far from being silos, need to be joined up experiences that feel seamless to the customer.

It would seem that in the process of engaging with connected consumers the nature of marketing and the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is changing with the ubiquity of 24/7 consumer interactions and fluidity of touch points. Customer experience is becoming integral to and reshaping the CMO’s remit as consumers seek a true end-to-end journey that transcends customer communication silos and marketing campaigns and requires a paradigm shift in the way in which businesses focus on customer experience. 

In a manifestation of this change, a new breed of the C-Suite Leader has emerged, the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). While this trend already has momentum in the US, we have very recently witnessed both BA and John Lewis in the UK putting senior marketers at the helm of customer experience as businesses strive to become ‘customer centric’ and organize themselves around the customer. 

In recent years John Lewis has been a trailblazing retailer, recognized with a hatful of awards as being the UK leader in customer service, but it is not resting on its laurels. As it stays in tune with the changing shopping habits of customers, the role of its Marketing Director, Craig Inglis, has been enlarged to include end-to-end customer experience in addition to insights and marketing with a new title of Customer Director. 

John Lewis is not alone. British Airways has recently appointed Avis’ Troy Warfield as Director of Customer Experience. Now here, there is something of a touch of irony. As many of you marketing and creative practitioners will know, Avis created one of the most immortalized advertising straplines in history with its ‘We try Harder’ proposition in 1960’s; so compelling was this line created by Paula Green of Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) that it evolved into being the organizations central brand purpose and was the catalyst for the brand’s customer-centricity, enduring for 50 years.

Many of us know that the original focus of the strategy was with Avis being at No 2 in the market and striving to become no 1 by “trying harder”’ but with the passage of the time we can recognize the vision and ingenuity of this customer experience-driven marketing strategy.

With empowered consumers taking control of their relationships with brands, marketers really must “try harder” to create an omni-channel customer experience where the wider skillset of today’s CMO shifts beyond a focus on creativity to much more of a commercial role.  This strategic focus of driving growth, integrating channels and functions around customer engagement will also require significant control of digital, technology, innovation and insight. 

Whether or not there is a wider spread adoption of the rise in the CCO titled role, it is clear that CMOs and their board colleagues are now recognizing the greater focus required on customer-centricity and this will form a central part of their future remit. In the past 12 months we have seen brands in the UK such as Asda, House of Fraser, Severn Trent Water and Tesco all appoint a Chief Customer Officer.

Are we finally seeing the emergence of the true commercial and customer champions that the modern Chief Marketing Officer’s role demands for the super connected lives of today’s consumers?

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Latitude Sponsors Transform Europe Branding Conference - April 21 2015

Latitude are delighted to announce that we will be one of the key sponsors at the upcoming Transform Conference Europe, to be held 21 April 2015 in London.

With an impressive speaker programme, the conference is dedicated to providing cutting-edge insight into the science, art and practical implementation of outstanding brand transformation. There will be a series of inspiring and enlightening panel discussions and success stories, across a variety of brand topics from perfecting brand language to the influence of sensory branding. Tony Lorenz, MD of Latitude Europe will host a panel discussion on how brand drives reputation and he will joined by Deputy MD Latitude Europe, San-San Chan and select Latitude guests to enjoy the various presentations and network with like-minded industry professionals.

Speakers include BT, Eurostar, IHG, Oxfam, Starbucks and Three UK across a programme that starts at 08.30am and finishes shortly after lunch, allowing guests to take just a half day out of their schedules. Tony Lorenz commented ‘London is the global hotspot when it comes to brand innovation and creativity and we are naturally delighted to be associated and participating is such a prestigious event. It promises to be packed full of new insight and key people form the European brand industry’.

Read more about the conference and Tony's thought leadership piece on brand reputation here.

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Latitude Europe - Executive appointments to lead growth

The London office of Latitude Agency has made 2 new executive level appointments as the agency looks to grow its European client portfolio and play a key role in the agency’s international growth aspirations.

Tony Lorenz has been appointed as Managing Director of Latitude’s London office to orchestrate its growth in the European market and broaden the agency’s reach beyond its core sectors of luxury and lifestyle brands. Tony joins from Endpoint where he was Group Strategy & Development Director and brings over 20 years rich experience both client and agency side in the creation, management and implementation of brands. He has previously worked for the likes of Conran Design Group and Coats plc and has a pedigree in the areas of brand consulting, marketing and business development. Tony will work closely with the London Executive team and also with colleagues in Dubai and Singapore.

San San Chan has been promoted to the role of Deputy Managing Director to work closely with Tony and CEO of the agency network Mark Jory. San San was Client Services Director and will maintain this role to sustain the delivery of high quality client care and the successful development of client relationships.

Mark Jory commented: ‘ this is an exciting time in the development of Latitude Agency and I am delighted to have Tony and San join our European Executive team. Tony brings multi-facted skills as an accomplished agency leader and San has an impressive track record in building long term client business, which she has already demonstrated’. In Tony and San we have a great mix of business and client development expertise and the skills to inspire teams’

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