Haevichi Hotels & Resorts

An affiliate of the Hyundai Motor Group, Haevichi Hotels & Resorts operates two hotels providing a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and culture - Haevichi Hotel & Resort, Jeju and Rolling Hills. Not well known within the region, or only known by those connected to Hyundai, the group’s ambition was to maximise its strengths and shine a light on their properties as viable option for discerning leisure and business guests.

Project Brief

To create the clear and distinctive brand positioning for each property and develop unique visual identities that support the brand story and gift each hotel with a differentiating personality appropriate for the different audiences and locations.


On the one hand, Haevichi Hotel & Resort, Jeju is about celebrating life’s special moments.  An authentic escape where guests can explore and connect with their selves and their family. Elegant, subtle and enriching.  By contrast, Rolling Hills provides colourful experiences for discerning minds. A place where every can embrace life to the fullest in a lively and enthusiastic fashion. Joyous, energetic and inclusive.



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