Marriott General Managers Conference

The European General Managers conference, this year in Istanbul, is a chance for the senior marketing team of all the properties in Europe to convene, discuss their status, goals and ambitions and rally together, share and inspire each other in embracing new trends and technologies to adapt to changing market needs.

Project Brief

To create an exciting and engaging platform that was flexible enough to be used at every touch point from initial invitations through to an immersive experience at the 3-day long conference itself.


We created a world of converging particles representing each of the 350+ General Managers attending the event. By delivering a suite of conference logos and collaterals plus a series of introduction and holding animations, the story of the converging particles come to life in each city across Europe, building in intensity as they race towards Istanbul. Energised, driven and focused by the context of the event, the team were ready to unite in delivering their vision.



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