Grosvenor House Suites

Since early 2014, Grosvenor House has been undergoing a significant refurbishment programme to maximise the hotels performance as an iconic hotel and set it apart from its peers. As a long-term partner of the hotel, Latitude were well placed to communicate that change was coming to guests pre and post completion.

Project Brief

To create an overarching concept that can be communicated both pre and post completion (awareness to activation) to enable the sales team to start selling the suites to both the corporate and individual high net worth customers of the hotel.


Embracing Grosvenor House’s rich cultural and literary history, we were able to write ‘The Next Chapter’ in the story of the hotel.  Firstly, an account to guests of the plot and characters so far reaffirmed the hotel’s position as a living legend, one that has earned respect in its enduring ability to be a place where great stories are created.  And as the cast, crew and sets change through the traveller, JW Marriott team and refurbishment plans, long may it continue to be an icon whose unique character welcomes friends old and new into its open arms.



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