Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Nikki Beach was born in 1998. The first and original luxury beach club concept that combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one. Its success has seen the brand grow to become a global, multi-faceted luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand.

Project Brief

To build a brand that embraces its beach club past to create a more mature, upmarket 5 star resort identity.


Whereas the beach club was a place to let yourself go, the resort and spa provides an oasis to retreat. And yet, in spite of distinctive experiences, the iconic brand story still speaks of its existing philosophy – the ‘celebration of life’. Working with the brand guidelines, we were able to extend the expression of the brand to harness the more grown up side of Nikki Beach in a way that did not alienate or exclude the other side of its personality. Now with the guidelines in place, plans are in progress to open hotels around the world.



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