Although the next generation of Chiva-Som has been embraced behind the scenes, the launch of the new website signals a new chapter for the business. The flagship in Hua Hin continues to be the original Haven of Life with plans afoot to bring the brand to other parts of Thailand and abroad. So the digital platform would provide a solid foundation for future plans and communications.

Project Brief

To co-design, create content and launch a new website for Chiva-Som that positions the brand back in the hearts and minds of existing guests, potential visitors and peers.


Working efficiently with the existing brand assets, Latitude and digital partner, Matter of Form gave structure to an already complicated and multi-layered communication through hierarchy, ease-of-navigation and opportunities for more human and emotional messaging. Selection of imagery and simplification and tonality of copy to demystify the ‘science’ of this holistic experience has helped to deliver a more approachable, sincere and meaningful method of communication that better establishes Chiva-Som as relevant to the modern world and the modern person.



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