Rest Republic

To launch a new hotel brand in a city already saturated with luxury and a plethora of gold tap hotel experiences, a disruptive attitude that challenged the status quo was Rest Republic’s sole mission. No more high prices. No more old fashioned paperwork. No more stuffy formality. From now on, luxury would be accessible to everyone, starting with Dubai, next the world.

Project Brief

To create a hotel brand identity that embraced an alternative approach and rebellious nature that delivered impact and a striking visual property that speaks the audience’s language. Includes delivery of pre-opening and launch hotel and promotional collateral to re-introduce the newly renovated hotel back into the market.


Our approach was to invite our target audience to join the revolution. Whether ‘Cool Geeks’ or ‘Creative Expressives’ who are young in attitude, ‘Technological savvies’ who are price aware, ‘Independent Travelers’ who won’t ever accept bad service and like to be connected – they all believe value, luxury and quality belong together. Rest Republic pledges to deliver a new style of accommodation, a combination with a service that gives its guest all the power. Our brand foundation is built upon giving empowerment, whilst being fun and friendly, disruptive, however with integrity.



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