Marriott - Hotels & Country Clubs

Following the introduction of the new Marriott Hotels & Resorts BrandVoice in early 2014, it was felt that an adaptation and interpretation of it for the UK portfolio of Hotel & Country Clubs was necessary to be more aligned with the context of the properties in their natural habitat and suitably attractive to the audiences that frequent them.

Project Brief

To create a set of new patterns for the UK Hotel & Country Clubs that would work alongside the travel patterns of the Marriott Hotels BrandVoice and echo the natural environment of the properties. 


After reviewing a number of natural elements we arrived at the final four patterns reminiscent of water, greenery and soil/earth. The core Marriott Hotels' topographical element was also reviewed to ensure it would complement these patterns, reflecting an elegant and warm colour palette that would work across all properties. By using a mix of patterns, accent colours and background palette, we have created a design platform that enables H&CC to promote its portfolio using its own voice whilst still sitting comfortably within the parent brand.



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