Tourism and Development Investment Company (TDIC) have created the master plan for Saadiyat Island… a 27km square Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi This includes three International museums: the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Zayed National Museum as well as Hospitality and Leisure projects.

Project Brief

To create a brochure that links all of the five key foundation stones of the island into a true destination piece. These included: Environment, Leisure, Hospitality, Education and Culture.
The book was to be used by the TDIC team to give to investors, visiting dignitaries and property owners, to show that the island was now more than a concept full of CGI's and elaborate words but a living breathing community.


Latitude created a book that tied all the aspects of the island together with clever dividers and use of different natural papers that separated out the different sections. The dual languages worked as a texture on the page with black and white photography and a strong accent of colorful brand marks to punctuate the section dividers.

The book was launched at Cityscape in Dubai and was accompanied by a film that was shot at the same time as the photo shoot which Latitude art directed and edited.

The whole connection came alive with the extension of a stand design that integrated all the imagery and showed the brand film on a 12 metre wide screen situated on an indoor beach between a golf course and residential community that was created indoors and won the best stand design at Ciytyscape this year.



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